Vehicles & Equipment

Vehicles & Equipment


We currently utilize three 5-ton trucks and seven service vehicles. We've had clients comment on saying that they often see our 5-ton trucks around the downtown core - maybe you've even encountered them? All of our 5-ton truck bodies are custom-built to our specifications to allow access to all indoor ramps and docks. All our trucks are always equipped with the necessary gear to provide safe transport of your product, such as logistics (tracks, pads and straps) and power tailgates.

Project management members, and lead supervisors are equipped with service vehicles that are fitted to carry tools, equipment, personnel, moving supplies, parts, etc.


Plastic Moving Bins
  • re-usable, environmental friendly
  • stackable
  • extra sturdy and durable
  • lid can be used either way and still provide closure
  • security ties can be used for extra protection during moves
Available for Rental

These bins are available for long or short term rental. Each bin can hold three linear feet (the equivalent of one standard lateral file drawer or one shelf of a bookcase) with the lid on.

Arrangements can be made for delivery or client pick up.
An interesting fact most people don't know is that CSS manufactures and maintains all of our own equipment seen below. This is another step that we take to ensure the utmost in satisfaction for our clients. Our equipment is what supports the product we move, if it isn't maintained properly or build the best to begin with, it will cause problems. CSS uses the best materials and the best experience so that as a client the equipment you see, without a doubt, you'll know it will provide the best move possible.
File (Electronic) Carts
  • used to pack and relocate files, libraries, electronics, etc.
  • each cart can house 16 linear feet of files
  • for external moves, all carts are shrink-wrapped to ensure the safe transport of contents
Picture Carts
  • used to relocate works of art, pictures, desk mats, shelving parts, bookshelves, etc.
Panel Carts
  • used to relocate panels, whiteboards, drafting tabletops, boardroom tables, floor mats, etc.
  • carpeted
Four-wheeled Dollies
  • grey non-marking Colson casters
  • black rubber grip top
  • stacked 7-high for transport to and from site

Specialty Equipment

  • used for desks that have an overhang so they can be dollied up safely
  • split ramps are used to load or unload product at ground level
Mobile Dock
  • used to offload trailers at ground level
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