Satisfied clients are our best reference. That's why we make sure our clients are happy with the service they receive!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the moving staff for all your help through the transition with our internal move. Without your help and excellent customer service I do not think we would have completed the task at hand in such a fast and efficient manner.

C.S.S. Office Systems staff understood the company requirements to have the office furniture moved and re-organized. With minimum stress to me and the other staff, words can't express how greatly appreciative I am for all your staff's help and their patience shown when they were here. I have never seen a move run so smoothly and professionally and in such a short amount of time. I am still amazed...

So thank you again.

Yours truly,

April Taylor
Finance and Office Administrator
Beta Systems Software of Canada Inc.
In early 2010, we issued an RFP for our office relocation, which affected 350 individuals over five floors. After reviewing the responses, we selected C.S.S. as our movers based on their reasonable fee in addition to the accolades they were given from previous customer references.

C.S.S. was knowledgeable, accommodating, reliable, courteous and hard working. They worked with us to develop a move schedule where each task was completed efficiently and on time. They raised issues that needed to be addressed and resolved problems quickly as they arose. As a result our move was a success. We have used other move companies in the past, but as a result of our experience, we can highly recommend C.S.S. to anyone in need of a moving company if they want an affordable, pain-free move experience.

Sharon Crawford, C.A.
Chief Operating Officer
BLG Calgary Office
When bfi Business Furnishings (Calgary) Inc. was first established back in 1977 one of my first calls was to C.S.S. Office Furniture Systems Inc.

I knew that I would need a company that I could depend on for all my delivery, installation and service work. And having worked with C.S.S. in the past it was an easy phone call for me to make.

From receiving our product at their warehouse, inspecting it for freight damage, arranging delivery and then installing it, C.S.S. has always provided prompt and professional service.

Attention to detail has always been and will always remain their top priority. Would we recommend C.S.S. to others? You bet we do!! Not only is our existing client base well aware of the type of service C.S.S. provides. We recommend them to all our
clients for their internal or building to building move requirements. It only makes sense to have one company handling both the installation of new furniture and the move of their existing offices.

Keep up the good work!!

Michael J. Lambert
bfi Business Furnishings (Calgary) Inc.
I have worked as a Facilities Administrator at Talisman Energy for four and a half years organizing all restack and day to day moves plus all daily office services requests.

C.S.S. has been Talisman Energy’s office service provider since 1997 providing everything from large corporate building to building moves, internal re-stacks, file room moves, office furniture reconfigurations to regularly scheduled daily services of hanging whiteboards etc.

The staff at C.S.S. are professional, friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and are always willing to go that extra mile for you!

We currently have C.S.S. employees on site at least three days a week for day to day internal services and have a great comfort level with them here, their expertise is vast and informative and I am frequently receiving calls and emails from our clients showering the C.S.S. staff with compliments on how wonderful they are!

C.S.S. is a company that has strong work ethics which is installed in their employees and I will always highly recommend using their services.


Susan Sawyer
Move and Project Coordinator
Facilities Administration
Talisman Energy Inc.
I first met Wayne and Adele Reid in the early 1990s. I was working for a furniture dealership at the time and C.S.S. was one of the service companies that we worked with. I remember being so impressed with the quality of the work that was done by Wayne on one of the first installations that I was responsible for.

Wayne made it so easy as compared to some of the other jobs with other installers that I had dealt with. He made me (a rookie in the business at the time) look good in the eyes of my employer and my client and I will never forget that.

Over the years, I have continued to work with C.S.S. in many different ways and C.S.S. continue to provide top quality service. Since 1999, I have had my own business as the Alberta Sales Representative for Keilhauer, a seating manufacturer from Toronto. I access C.S.S. services in a variety of ways, i.e. sample chair storage, receiving and deliveries, warranty work, etc. The work continues to be done well and in a professional manner.

The integrity shown over the years by Wayne, Adele, and the people that make up C.S.S. has been appreciated. This integrity, which started at the top with Wayne and Adele, has rubbed off on all the C.S.S. employees and has been passed on to Wayne and Adele’s children who are part of the business now and I’m sure will continue to be even more involved in the future. I also have no doubt that this integrity will be passed on from Wayne and Adele’s children to Wayne and Adele’s grandchildren.
All the best for the future C.S.S. I have enjoyed working with all of you in the past and look forward to continuing that relationship in the future.

Sylviane Lippert 
Syl-lutions Inc.
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