Shredding & Paper Recycling

Shredding & Paper Recycling

CSS offers a flexible document shredding program for commercial offices. We provide secure, off-site shredding that can be tailored to your company's needs.

Our standard size carts can be seen throughout the downtown offices. We also offer a limited number of smaller shredding carts for offices with less space, and a larger cart size for those increased shredding needs, or for larger items, such as wall maps. All of the carts in our inventory can be supplied with keyed locks or they can be left unlocked for easier, larger document access.

There are absolutely no time charges or long-term contracts. We do this so we can cater to your specific needs and deliver exactly the shredding and/or recycling services you require.

We're able to provide weekly or monthly services, and can also accommodate a one-time pick up service. This one-time pick up service comes in handy right around tax season. CSS can also respond to your seasonal fluctuations for the destruction of any sensitive documents. If you're moving your office and find that you need a complete paper purge, please call CSS! We can deliver and pick up carts for this exact purpose!

CSS also offers recycling for paper products that are classified as non-sensitive material which are taken for recycling purposes only, not destruction. Paper products can be discarded directly into the shredding carts at your office location for ease.

All non-confidential and shredded confidential documents are taken to a paper recycling company for further cross-shredding and to complete the recycling process.

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