Records Storage

Records Storage

C.S.S. offers safe, secure, off-site storage for your business records. We understand the unique requirements of companies in Calgary and the importance of accuracy and speed in the retrieval of your information. This is one reason why several large companies have entrusted their documents to us for safekeeping.

C.S.S. has designed a unique file box that is not only strong, re-usable, and stackable but its exterior is clean in appearance so that you can easily see labels and identification markings. Our computer system has been customized specifically so that C.S.S. can offer speed, accuracy, and accountability.

C.S.S. has three levels of response time. Regular service allows us to respond to client’s retrieval and return requests by the next business day. Rush service allows us to retrieve and return client’s records by the end of the business day. And panic service retrieves and returns records within 3 business hours. Having the ability to offer these services and being flexible to our client’s needs allows C.S.S. to adapt to all of our client’s requirements.

Features of our Records Storage Service

  • customized computer system
  • fast response to retrieval and return requests
  • rush services
  • pick up and delivery
  • strong, re-useable, stackable boxes
  • flexibility to meet your needs
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