Key Personnel

Key Personnel

All employees are trained to move, service, and install furniture using the utmost care and consideration, including moving of highly valued items, be it artwork or antique furniture.

You'll be able to recognize the CSS personnel by their forest-green company shirts embroidered in gold lettering with the company logo.  All of our employees are valued and considered part of our extended work family. They are qualified, well versed, and demonstrate a professional demeanor and most importantly, experienced with their job function.

Because CSS is a service based company, it is important for our clients to have our employees trained in more than one job function. Having a driver that can also complete installations provides an exceptional  advantage to our client by eliminating the hassle of having multiple service companies on-site to complete your furniture move or office service request.

As product lines and furniture manufacturers are constantly changing as industry design trends alter, it is equally important for our service and installation specialists to remain current on any changes in product lines and service techniques. This is accomplished by not only implementing hands-on direct learning for any new product wherever possible, but also knowledge gained from the furniture exposure that our employees encounter on a daily basis.

CSS has a handful of employees that have been employed by the company for over 20+ years! We have many employees that have superseded their five, ten and fifteen year employment milestone. We like to brag about this because not only does it transfer to familiar faces on clients' worksites, it highlights the dedication and experience conveyed by our family of staff.

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