General Office Services

General Office Services

CSS is known as the 'one stop shop' for all your office service needs.

Below are just a few examples of the general services that we can provide.

On-Site Services

One of the most common types of assistance that CSS provides is pre-arranged on-site office services. This type of service can be scheduled five days a week, once a week, or once per month to take care of your office furniture service’s needs.
With this type of service, clients recognize familiar faces on-site as well as encountering in-depth knowledge of the required services, office layout standards, and knowledge of the specific facility.

With guaranteed scheduled service timeframes or dates for clients who choose this option, you will have peace of mind knowing that your facility requirements are taken care of properly and efficiently.

We always ensure satisfaction by making your office service and/or office move coordination as easy and painless as possible, this is what we’re known for!

Furniture Locksmiths

From unlocking a file cabinet in an emergency, fixing a sticky lock mechanism, to rekeying an entire floor of office furniture to match one key, we have the proficiency and tools to get the job done right!

If you’re not sure of the brand or manufacturer, don’t worry! CSS can source and supply various furniture manufacturers’ lock components and materials.

We offer the following locksmith services:
- key replacement from client provided copy of coded key
- new office furniture keys from code
- replacement of new locking mechanisms and components
- installing new or swapping existing locks
- re-keying locks to match all furniture within an office
- unlocking cabinets and doors
- emergency locksmith service


We have trained specialists that can modify, or reconfigure your office furniture. This type of service often includes requests such as resizing current furnishings to fit a new layout or adding an extension to a desk surface. This can all be accomplished with CSS’ personnel taking care of your furniture reconfiguration needs. We’re also fantastic at sourcing required parts to complete a client’s request, so don’t be shy if you don’t have all the necessary parts in your stock. If you have workstations that need to be altered from a certain layout, we do this reconfiguration too. As an example, if you have a six-pod of workstations, it can be modified into two-pods of three, or a four-pod and two-singles depending on what the specific need is.

CSS also provides height change options for a variety of surfaces found in the workplace. This can include upgrading stationary furniture to electric height adjustable, where you can adjust the working surface height with a push of a button. We’re finding that more and more often the need exists for height adjustable work environments to suit each person’s preference and ergonomic requirements.

File rooms also need reconfiguring from time to time. Whether you’re adding or condensing files, CSS has the trained staff to accommodate your file adjustment needs. Clients needing to change their current shelving setup to binder height, or necessitating to incorporate another run of shelves, we can take of all of this for you too!

After Move Services

Every time one of our clients completes an internal shuffle or a building-to-building move, CSS strives to ensure that all aspects have been taken care of beyond the client’s expectations. This is where Post Move Assistance or After Move Services comes into effect.

This type of service is meant so that CSS’ staff is on-site directly communicating with the end users ensuring complete satisfaction with their new office setup, and/or furniture components. We’ve also had clients identify to us that this is the best time to hang their artwork, plaques, or visual boards because you’re directly conversing with the person requesting the items hung.

Plastic Moving Bins

We offer plastic bins, or totes, to assist and improve your office move’s efficiency. These bins are re-usable and environmentally friendly product, used by many of our clients, whether moving an entire floor, or internally moving just a couple of people. These bins are extremely sturdy being made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) so they’ll securely protect your belongings during any move. They can also be fastened with security ties for extra protection of confidential materials while being relocated. Especially taking into consideration the low rental amount, these are a client favorite when completing any work around the office.


We understand the growing concerns of having an ergonomic friendly work environment, so we’re here to help! We can adjust your everyday working components to better suit your working needs, such as adjusting keyboard trays or installing monitor arms. We’ve even been asked to provide extra-long gas lifts for client’s chairs so their feet are positioned in an appropriate ergonomic position.

CSS knows that not everyone is built the same, or has the same working environment needs. We also know that not every piece of furniture is manufactured to fit every person, so providing an ergonomic friendly work environment is just another service that we happily offer.
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