Commercial Installations

Commercial Installations

We are office furniture experts, in every way! We’ve installed, dismantled and reassembled, moved, reconfigured, or repaired almost every make and model of furniture that exists in the market today.

It is always of importance to ensure that our personnel are kept current on the major furniture lines, especially with product lines and manufacturers constantly changing their offerings. We do this by having our employees directly exposed to a diverse variety of products and by using hands-on knowledge training.

Below is a small sampling of products that our trained professionals can install:
- any new or used furniture, no matter where it was purchased from
- systems furniture (workstations and panel configurations)
- keyboard trays, monitor arms
- cable management systems
- whiteboards, corkboards, visual boards of all sizes
- shelving, any style or size

Demountable wall systems are another component that CSS can service, move and install for our clients.

Libraries? Yes, we do those too! CSS has completed several installations and reconfigurations for the public libraries found throughout Alberta. This level of service includes all the necessary details, from the shelving being received at our warehouse, to CSS delivering all items to site, and installing each unique area of shelving using a floorplan.
We also have clients that have a library within their office space, so whenever the need arises for additional furnishings or shelving to be installed, they call CSS because they know everything will be taken care of entirely.
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