Asset Management & Storage

Asset Management & Storage

Our warehouse and office facility is located at 4920 – 72 Avenue S.E. in the heart of the Foothills Industrial area.

Warehouse Management & Storage

Since our warehouse facility is located outside the downtown core, the savings per square foot are substantial when compared with downtown storage rates. The greatest advantage of our location is that we’re able to pass these savings onto our clients. Our facility is secure and monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; this means that as a client you can confidently store your product with CSS.

Here are a few reasons why our warehouse is so amazing:
- 100,000 square foot warehouse facility
- dock level and indoor ground level
- sprinkler system for all racking
- alarm system with 24/7 monitoring and personnel response
- forklift and pallet jacks on site
- specialized inventory reports

Every client’s product - whether its furnishings, Christmas decorations, Stampede displays or document storage - is individually identified by color-coded tags and racking number. All items are then entered into a computerized inventory system written and designed specifically for our requirements. With this program, CSS has the ability to provide clients with reports, in PDF or Excel format that can be emailed, whether it’s on a monthly or an on-demand basis.

CSS also manages shipping and receiving arrangements for any type of assets. We provide full inspections of items including photographic documentation upon arrival, and departure from our facility.

Records Management & Storage

CSS offers safe, secure off-site storage for all of your business records. We understand the unique requirements of companies plus the importance of accuracy and speed in the retrieval of your information. This is only one of the many reasons why we’re hired by very well-known large companies who’ve entrusted their documents to CSS for storage and safekeeping.

We have designed a file box that is not only strong, re-usable and stackable but its exterior is clean in appearance so that you can easily see labels and identification markings. Our computer system has been customized to our specific needs so that CSS can offer speed, accuracy and accountability.

CSS has three levels of response times. Regular service allows us to response to client’s retrieval and return requests by the next business day. Rush service allows us to retrieve and return client’s records by the end of the business day in which they were requested. And lastly, Panic service retrieves and returns records with 3 business hours. Having the ability to offer these services and being flexible to our client’s needs allows CSS to adjust to each of our client’s specific record requirements.

A few features to note about our Records Storage Program:
- customized computer system
- fast response to retrieval and return requests
- rush services
- pickup and delivery
- strong, re-usable, stackable file boxes

Using CSS for your warehouse storage solutions will always provide a peace of mind knowing that your product is in capable hands in our warehouse.
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